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What we do

What is Signalopia? is a cryptocurrency discord community that is built for traders of all levels. Need to learn? We have your back. Want clear cryptocurrency signals? We got your back. Charting, projections and everything crypto trade related in ONE place. We relay trade messages from some of the BEST cryptocurrency signal providers out there. So what are you waiting for? Signup for a trial now and start your crypto trading adventure.

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one more thing

It's not just about crypto signals.

Besides signals, we provide learning material and trading tools like 100 eyes, crypto cal, buy/sell walls and more..Our goal with is to create the most complete cryptocurrency community possible with all the ressources available with a single click.



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How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many signals do you send per day?

The fact that we relay messages from more than 60+ crypto signal providers can give you a general idea. On average our signal providers give 1 to 5 signals daily, so that is a lot of signals you can use for profit every single day. More than that you will get great price analysis, videos and learning materials. You will never be bored on our server and you can most certainly be profitable.

What are your results?

This question is asked a lot but the answer isn't in our hands. As we relay informations from our providers the results are really based on their overall performance. What we promise is that we only show the cryptocurrency signals available on the market. Don't believe us? How about a free trial.

What is the best exchange to trade on?

There are several exchanges that are really good, with Binance being the biggest and most secure around. Other options would be Bybit for futures, Okex, Bitfinex and Swaps like Pancake swap and Uniswap.

What are the Signals groups you offer?

We chose the best crypto signals groups we could find, tested them ourselves and included them into the fray. Some of them are Binance Wolves, Fat pig signals, Universal Crypto Signals, Klondike and of course we are adding more as we find good contenders.

Do you provide education?

Some of our premium crypto groups we subscribe to have a big emphasis on education. The ressources available will let you evolve as a trader.

Is your service worth the subscription?

The answer to this is obtained to simple maths. An average premium crypto trading group costs around $90/month and you only get one provider. Now if you multiply it by 60 or more you would get to astronomical numbers. Would you pay $5000 or our modest fees, we think the answer is pretty straight forward.

A versatile platform

Signalopia Discord server

We chose discord for it's versatility, ease of use and the love it gets from the community. While this is our first choice a future integration for telegram is on the way.